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Waleigh Keaton Outdoor Pizza Oven

Waleigh Keaton Outdoor Pizza Oven

Waleigh Keaton Outdoor Pizza Oven


Be the envy of your friends and family as you whip up crispy wood-fired pizzas in your own backyard with the Waleigh’s Keaton Outdoor Pizza Oven.

Featuring high-grade steel construction, heat-resistant handles and non-stick cast iron grids, this outdoor oven gives you the opportunity to enjoy a cookout under the stars on a summer’s evening. Should the weather take a turn for the worse, harness the power of portability by simply wheeling the oven undercover and continue your feasting. Take your pick

of burning material, be it charcoal or wood, giving you that signature smoky taste, while the thermometer allows you to easily monitor the cooking temperature. Cleaning up is a breeze thanks to a convenient pull-out tray that catches the ash. 

Entertain with ease and style thanks to the Waleigh Keaton Outdoor Pizza Oven.


  • Wood-fired outdoor pizza oven with wheels
  • Built-in thermometer to monitor cooking temperature
  • Pull-out try to catch ash for quick clean-up
  • Supports the use of charcoal
  • Includes non-stick cast iron grids and one pizza stone
  • Includes one pizza stone rack (protective film to be removed before use)
  • Alternatively served as a BBQ grill for roasted meats or vegetables


  • High-grade steel construction: 90% steel and 10% stainless steel with black powder coating
  • Dimension:
    • Fully Assembled: 28” x 21” x 64 ½”
    • Cooking Chamber: 18” x 14” x 9”
    • Pizza Stone: 12” x 12” x ½”
  • Weight: 59 ½ lbs